Japanese-run pet supply store

"お楽しみ BOX"
Unboxing with the fur kids at home~

  • With a different regular delivery once a month, every delivery is like receiving a gift full of surprises and fun!
  • A selection of high quality products made in Japan by major Japanese manufacturers
  • And no binding restrictions, can be released at any time

We want to improve the healthy eating habits of dogs

Dogs usually prefer meat and tend to ignore the intake of vegetables and fish. The snacks provided by OSAKA DOG contain not only meat, but also vegetables and fish ingredients, which are also loved by dogs. (Age range: 40-49 years old, gender: female, breed: toy poodle)

OSAKA DOG supports animal protection activities

Buy a box of OSAKA DOG snacks, and donate 30 yen to animal protection groups. For those who are concerned about abused or stray animals but are often unable to act immediately, by purchasing OSAKA DOG snacks, they can also support and help conservation activities bit by bit

(Age range: 40-49 years old, gender: female, dog breed: Pomeranian)

Please note

The snacks and toys in the pictures are samples for reference, not the actual products sent.

The founding spirit of OSAKA DOG

In order to make more furkids happier, while the pets bring happiness, we will also donate part of the sales to animal protection groups.

ordering instructions

  • credit card payment
  • If you use the regular plan, it will be a monthly cycle. For example, the March issue will be delivered before the end of March , and the April issue will be delivered before the end of April .
  • For first-time regular orderers who place an order before the 10th of the current month (excluding the 10th day ), the products will be delivered from the current month's issue; for those who place an order after the 10th of the current month (including the 10th day ), the delivery will start from the next month's issue .
  • The debit method is to automatically debit the credit card on the 10th of each month from the second month of the regular subscription. For example: if the order is placed in January , the next rebate date will be February 10 ; if the order is placed on February 1 , the next payment date will be March 10 .

return instructions

The goods are all packaged properly and sent out, and the return application except for defective products will charge a round-trip shipping fee of 3,000 yen, please note.

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OSAKA DOG Company Profile

Company name: OSAKA DOG

Date of establishment: January 2023

Company Manager: Asako Yamashita

Company address: 5-19-206, Kashima 3-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan



If you would like to stop purchasing, please contact us via email.
The staff will confirm and stop delivery within 3 working days after contacting you.
If you contact us before the 9th of the month following your first order, we will stop shipping from the following month.
If you sign up for an account on My Page in the upper right corner (the three lines on the upper left of your phone),
From there you can easily set cancel, pause, resume, skip, etc.

About returns and defective products

Return Terms and Conditions

Returns can be processed within 7 days after the product arrives

return shipping

If the product is returned due to personal factors, the resulting freight will be borne by the buyer. Defective items will be shipped by us.


If you receive a defective product, please contact us by email within 7 days of arrival. After confirming the inventory status of our store, we will assist in replacing the same product or exchanging for equivalent products; we cannot accept returns and exchanges after the 7-day period, please forgive me.

Please note

All products of our company are accompanied by raw material card instructions, please be sure to carefully confirm the attached raw material card before giving it to pets. The company does not respond to food allergy issues, please note that if you have allergies, please do not drink by mistake.

This product is a treat for dogs. Please do not feed to creatures other than pet dogs.

Sometimes food can become clogged in the throat due to how your dog eats and behaves. Be sure to give food while watching carefully; also, please do not give it to dogs who may swallow food without chewing.

If your dog is unwell, please stop giving food immediately and consult a veterinarian.

In order to avoid drinking by mistake, please keep it out of the reach of young children and pet dogs

Please note that the raw material card attached to the company's products is not perfect, because it is made with a translation machine.

Regarding the processing of personal data

getting Started

Recognize the importance of protecting personal data, believe that proper use and protection of personal data is a social responsibility, and promise to work hard to protect personal data.

(Definition of Personal Data)

Personal information is information about individuals that can identify specific individuals such as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, occupation, and workplace.

(Collection and use of personal information)

The collection and use of personal information by the company is provided by the customer voluntarily. When the customer provides personal information, the customer agrees to the use of personal information by the company in accordance with this policy.

The company only collects and uses personal data for the following purposes:

・Necessary work to deliver our products ordered by customers

・Provide useful and necessary information for customers, such as introducing new products

・Consultation and confirmation of our company necessary for business execution and collection of opinions for service improvement

・Response to various inquiries

Provision of personal data to third parties

The company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without legitimate reasons such as legal grounds and without the prior consent of the individual.

(Supervision entrusting party)

In order to complete the business of providing products and services to customers, our store may provide some personal information to external contractors. In this case, the entrusting party will handle and manage personal information appropriately.

(management of personal data)

In order to prevent leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information, the company has appointed a person in charge of personal information protection and management, and is committed to adequate security protection, and conducts appropriate management to maintain correctness and update of personal information.